Meet the team

At Bowzer Box, we believe all dogs should have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life. We aim to bring joy to all pooches across Canada by delivering boxes of high quality toys,and mostly Canadian-made eatables to your door each month.


Chihuahua Female 4lbs
Tia - A 4lbs female Chihuahua

The Big Dawg

Tia is the Big Dawg at Bowzer Box and is a saucy little hot tamale. Under her guidance, Bowzer Box has grown from a start-up to the #1 Canadian-based box subscription service for dogs. A native of Mexico, Tia speaks Spanish, English and a bit of French, and holds a Bachelor's degree in High Energy (B.H.E.) from an unaccredited institution. When she’s not working, you can find her standing still and shivering, barking or running frantically after her humans.


Rottie-mix Male 61lbs
Charlie - A 61lbs male Rottie-mix

Chief Barketing Officer

Since joining Bowzer Box, Charlie has really hit the ground running. He’s responsible for the company’s go-to-market strategy, brand and marketing initiatives. Charlie is a seasoned toys and treats executive with more than 8 years of integrated walking, playing and eating experience. Being a rescue dog, he does not buddy up to just anyone, but rather takes his time deciding who is worthy of his time and affection.


French bulldog Female 24lbs
Cl&eacuteo - A 24lbs female French bulldog

Chief Furry Officer

Cléo oversees Bowzer Box’s day-to-day finances. She grew up in Québec where she earned her degree in finance and administration. Cléo is fully fluent in both French and English. Despite her glum expression, she is comical, entertaining, and dependably amiable. When not barking at Charlie for spending too much money, she can be found making weird noises while relaxing on the sofa. Her colleagues describe her as a mischievous goof ball.


Sheepdog Male 98lbs
Lenny - A 98lbs male Sheepdog

VP, Tasting & Testing

Lenny has never worked a day in his life, but takes his job very seriously. If a customer is not completely satisfied, he takes it personally and vows to make it better. He is educated in eating, sitting, and how to best destroy a toy. Despite being a gentle giant, easygoing and mild-mannered, Lenny can be bossy if undisciplined. When not working, he likes to drool, slobber and lumber around in a rather bumptious manner.

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